White nationalist groups gather for Nazi MMA match

On August 21, members of two white supremacist groups, Rise Against Movement (RAM) and Patriot Front, met for a mixed martial arts (MMA) event in Southern California.

It was, in the words of a Hyphen Report blog post, a showcase of the strength of the “fabric of nationalism in America that will terrify Jewish power for decades to come.”

“Birth of a New Frontier,” as it was called, had attendees from all over the country, as far away as Florida and Texas, Washington State and Washington, D.C.

In his report on the night, the blogger said, “This event was not for the public; it is for a privileged few sufficiently devoted to the art of combat and to the construction of an internal nationalist culture that they have found their way there. Each fighter and participant understood that he was participating in a historic first and that, like Charlottesville and the Battle of Berkeley, one man could be proud to be there for years to come.

Author William Durand cited infamous white nationalist demonstrations where violent and armed far-right protesters clashed with antifa activists and left-wing counter-protesters as inspiration for the evening.

A post about the event on Telegram from one of the hosts said that “not only are we awakening the warrior spirit, but we are demonstrating that we can organize ourselves, outside of the dominant structure. We are creating a counterculture of resistance” and that “for the first time, a roster of fighters from across the spectrum have entered a ring to fight for brotherhood and our common goals.

These common goals were apparent in the images of the event. Photos from the event capture its racist underpinnings. Men face off in kilts and athletic shorts, their bare chests adorned with overtly fascist tattoos, like the Nazi symbol known as the surrogate swastika.


In one photo, a spectator gives a Nazi salute. Medals were awarded that matched the fascist symbols originally used by the Nationalist Party of Italy.

white nationalist fight club medals


News of the event was first reported by Left Coast Right Watch.

And there was swag. A post on an Arizona nationalist channel featured a video of a record album given to him by an associate who attended the event. The album, by racist rapper No Face Nate, is titled 3.0 and features songs with titles such as “Bleed Red”. Many tracks include audio clips of the leaders of both movements, Robert Rundo and Thomas Rosseau, giving speeches.

In the story about the event, Hyphen Report cites both RAM’s and Patriot Front’s dedication to training as the reason for staging the fight, noting that the Patriot Front regime was an offshoot of RAM, which claims to have builds a culture of active clubs, training organizations. for white nationalist groups.

“While physical fitness and self-defense would have been the focus for [Patriot Front] regardless of the outside influence, it’s easy to see the mark of RAM on their stylized training videos and culture of camaraderie in combat.

However, leaked Patriot Front videos show that their training isn’t quite the fight one might imagine.

But Durand, in his article, praised Patriot Front’s ability to literally get punched in the head.

“One of the toughest fights of the night pitted Luke against an unnamed Patriot Front fighter. Many had come to the event more or less aware of the full-time training Luke and some active clubs were conducting, but few were prepared for the quantity and quality of Patriot Front fighters Apparently these guys are just banging their heads all day because [Patriot Front] the men had an almost uniform high level of physical fitness and combat endurance. It certainly didn’t hurt their fighters’ confidence to have several dozen of their brothers cheering them on.

Head stoned bands will soon be available for all to see. Media2Rise, RAM’s media outreach organization, has released a trailer for an apparent upcoming show about the fight club.

Media2Rise did not immediately respond to a Daily Dot request for comment.

RAM is the nationalist organization created by the fugitive Robert Rundo. RAM members have been prosecuted by the Department of Justice for their actions in Charlottesville, as well as in Huntington Beach and Berkeley, California.

“These defendants, motivated by a hateful ideology, incited and committed acts of violence in Charlottesville, as well as at other alleged political rallies in California,” former U.S. Attorney Thomas Cullen said in a press release announcing the charges. RAM indictments, and they are “not interested in peaceful protest or legal expression of the First Amendment; instead, they intended to provoke and engage in street battles with those they perceived like their enemies.

Their founder, Rundo, fled the country after being charged with assault at a rally in California in 2017 and remains at large, but was last seen in Bosnia.

When federal authorities raided his home in 2018, they found a framed portrait of Adolf Hitler.

Rundo also has a previous conviction for a 2009 gang assault in which he stabbed a Latino man in New York. He claims this incident is what motivated him to start his Active Club movement.

The impetus behind the event was the so-called active club movement. In a June 2020 blog post, Rundo wrote, “The nationalist movement was never built on chatter, but on those with iron will and who did not back down. In an age of weak men, it only takes a few efforts to rise above everything. Combat sports are like that.

In a post from Media2Rise, after the event, one person highlighted the importance of active clubs as the reason for the event showcase.

A century of American Nationalists from across the United States, from different organizations, active clubs, crews, etc. didn’t stand in a crowded room circling a fighter’s ring just for the sole purpose of competition, but to set the pattern for the future,” it said. “Our 3.0 style of pushing fitness and elevating ourselves to higher standards and capabilities has reached new heights as we have taken another step within our unified movement…It’s White Youth in revolt – it is the birth of a new frontier!”

White Youth in Revolt aptly describes the Patriot Front, a white supremacist organization led by Thomas Rousseau and made up of young men. Patriot Front recently made headlines when members of the group were arrested in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, where they planned to disrupt a local Pride event. Police arrived after a citizen reported seeing young men with shields and gear pile into a U-Haul in a hotel parking lot.

Patriot Front has been bombarded with leaked conversations from its members, including one that revealed the band had toured Europe with a group of apparently white nationalists.

Patriot Front was apparently still training in California in the days following the event, according to a report.

After the fight, the participants were overjoyed, although Hyphen Report said the fighters all competed too well to declare a true winner.

But establishing winners and losers was not the goal. Uniting white nationalist groups was, according to Hyphen Report writes.

“There really isn’t much the enemies of our race can do to stop this particular cultural phenomenon and the most exciting thing is that they don’t even know it yet. With a basis of competition and brotherhood, it is only a matter of time before our brothers or our sons produce a critical mass of revolutionary spirit that will sweep the West as happened in 1776 and 1935 and when that happens, I would hate to be in the shoes of anyone who gets in our way.

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