Vin Scully: Proud Unionist #RIP – After Yellowstone Floods, Tourism Workers Lose Company Housing

My friends, Greetings from the Burgh, where I received very good medical news.

Melk accepted into experimental Long Covid cognitive and physical therapy program

Over the past 6 months I have had a very difficult struggle with Long Covid which has affected my ability to think clearly, write effective fundraisers and produce the type of high quality, impactful reporting that the Payday readers have come to appreciate it. . I am slowly improving and feeling normal some days, but still struggling on other days.

The good news is that I have been accepted into a cognitive and physical therapy program under UPMC’s Long Covid program. This program is specifically designed for the issues of fatigue, muscle weakness, and brain fog that I still sometimes struggle with.

The bad news is that the program is quite expensive, even under my health insurance. My total monthly health care includes premiums, prescription co-pay, therapist bills, and chiropractor bill. Moreover, this new program will cost around $650-700 per month.

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380 nurses on strike at Buffalo VA Medical Center

In Buffalo, more than 380 nurses went on strike at the VA Medical Center. Nurses say they are upset about the lack of staff and poor working conditions.

“One of the problems we see is that we can bring nurses here, but they don’t stay because of the rotation of the schedule. If your body won’t let you work at night because you have high blood pressure, diabetes, etc., and you have to work out, it’s messing up your internal biological clock,” nurse Kimberly Wallace told WGRZ. “We have nurses who want to work consecutive nights, or consecutive evenings or consecutive days and they say no, you have to rotate and that causes problems.

For more information, see WGRZ

After Yellowstone Floods, Tourism Workers Lose Jobs – and Homes

Last month, Payday wrote about how tour guides employed in Yellowstone were evicted from company accommodations after being unlawfully fired for union organizing.

Flooding today, which closed the northern entrance to Yellowstone in Gardner, Montana, caused a dramatic drop in business. Seasonal workers employed by Delaware North are being evicted from their homes again, according to a new expose from In These Times magazine.

“This flood exposes a lot of problems that already existed,” HRDC housing director Brian Guyer told This Times magazine. “And, as usual, the poor are the hardest hit.”

For more, see In These Times

Texas cookie chain workers unionize

In Texas, a small independent union called Tiff’s Treat Workers United is launching its fourth union election at one of Texas’ chain stores. So far, the union has run for office in campaigns in Austin, Dallas and San Antonio. The union says it will file nominations for additional union elections in Houston and elsewhere in the state.

Workers say they are paid poverty wages for some of the country’s most expensive housing markets, with some workers earning less than $15 an hour.

“With recession, inflation and the ongoing pandemic, we are fighting for a living wage for all Tiff’s Treats workers!” the union wrote in a Twitter post last week.

For more on union demands, see their page here

RIP: Vin Scully, proud trade unionist!

Finally, Payday is mourning the death of Hall of Fame broadcaster Vin Scully. He called the Dodgers games for 67 years, from 1950 to 2016.

Scully is widely regarded as the best and most prolific baseball announcer of all time. The Bronx native was also a proud trade unionist.

“AFTRA is truly the greatest union on Earth. I am so proud to be a member of AFTRA and this honor means a lot to me,” Scully said in 2009 when accepting her AFTRA Media and Entertainment Achievement Award.

SAG-AFTRA took to Twitter to pay tribute to Sully.

“Vin Scully’s style and delivery was iconic. He was a legendary broadcaster who advertised an incredible 67 seasons of Dodger baseball and more. We honor his life, his career and his legacy. #sagaftramember since 1949”, wrote the union on Twitter.

News and strikes elsewhere

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