To boost ecotourism, a documentary broadcast on the picturesque Parvati valley in Kullu: La Tribune India

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Kullu, December 21

The Forestry Department released a six-minute documentary to provide glimpses of the most scenic places in the Parvati Forest Division to Kullu, which had been developed by the Forestry Department to promote eco-tourism, on the occasion of the International Mountain Day on December 11.

IFS Manager Aishwarya Raj, Deputy Curator, Parvati Division, Kullu, said the theme for this year’s Mountain Day is “Sustainable Mountain Tourism” and the documentary has been posted on Youtube to market. the bounty of nature in the region to promote ecotourism. He added that the link was also posted on the Parvati Forestry Division Facebook page.

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He said: “In the first video, we focused on the initiatives the Forestry Department has taken on the ground to ensure the eco-restoration of wasteland and how we can create win-win situations. winner for nature and people. “

He said the region is home to pristine forests and high and mid-altitude Himalayan ranges. He said the division spanned 2,011 km2 and included areas of Bhuntar, Jari, Hurla and Kasol. Scenic hikes like Kheer Ganga, Mantalai and Pin Parvati attract revelers again and again, he said.

The inhabitants welcomed the move of the department. They said such documentaries and teasers from other areas of tourist interest should be widely released by the government to boost the tourism industry.

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