The Untold Truth of NCIS: New Orleans

Gary Glasberg left big shoes to fill after his death, and according to The Wrap, initially longtime “NCIS: New Orleans” producers George Schneck and Frank Cardea took over. The two had worked as writing partners since 1977, and co-wrote a plethora of episodes for the show before Glasberg’s passing. However, their time at the helm didn’t last – and Brad Kern took the reins of “NCIS: New Orleans” in 2016 (according to the New York Times).

It wasn’t long before Kern was embroiled in a backstage controversy, and CBS launched investigations into the problematic aspects of his on-set behavior. According to a Variety article, both petitions cite alleged human rights violations perpetrated by Kern, including gender discrimination, racist comments and sexual harassment. Although he was sent for sensitivity training by the network, he was not fired following the initial charges against him. The article also quoted an unnamed source saying, “He discriminates against women, against working mothers, against anyone he can’t control – especially women.” Apparently, the claims weren’t without merit: Many writers left the show as a result of Kern’s alleged behavior, and allegations of similar bullying incidents dated back to when Kern was showrunner on “Charmed.” . Brad Kern was ultimately fired from ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ in 2018 after a third investigation was opened against him (per The Hollywood Reporter).

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