The company’s partnerships are part of Southwest’s 10-year emissions reduction plans

Southwest Airlines aims to reduce carbon emissions per available seat mile by 20% by 2030 through measures such as the introduction of more fuel efficient aircraft, increased use of aviation fuel sustainability and compensation programs, including a program targeting corporate clients.

The carrier announced late last month that it was launching a green incentive program for its corporate customers, through which they can earn funds for their own sustainability initiatives to use for compensations, charitable donations or other sources. Southwest also announced on Monday its partnership with the Chooose climate action platform through which travelers can earn loyalty points by purchasing offsets for Southwest. Travelers can earn 10 Rapid Rewards bonus points per dollar spent to purchase compensations, a maximum of 500 points per month, with Southwest also matching the contribution.

In addition, Southwest announced that Deloitte, Siemens and Zurich North America are initial partners for a shared investment in sustainable fuel, in which the premium cost for a limited volume of SAF acquired by Southwest is covered by the companies through unused cash or UATP funds. Deloitte already has agreements with American Airlines and Delta Air Lines to purchase sustainable aviation fuel, and he and Siemens were the first participants in an alliance formed by United Airlines to help purchase fuel.

Southwest aims to have SAF cover 10% of its total jet fuel consumption by 2030.

Fleet plans for reducing carbon emissions include adding more Boeing 737 Max 7 and 8 jets while speeding up the retirement of Boeing 737-700 jets. Southwest plans to invest more than $ 10 billion in aircraft orders over the next decade to improve the fuel efficiency of its fleet.

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