Quadrise in co-development agreement with Vertoro

Quadrise in co-development agreement with Vertoro | International Biofuels Magazine

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Quadrise has announced a joint development agreement with Vertoro, a specialist in lignin-based biofuels.
Vertoro is a supplier of sustainable biofuels made from biomass extracted from agricultural and forestry residues using their proprietary Goldilocks® technology.
GEM® is a crude lignin oil which is a potential alternative to methanol and is being developed in collaboration with Maersk and CSO™ is an advanced crude sugar oil which is a water soluble by-product of the Goldilocks® process.
Under this agreement, the company and Vertoro will collaborate to advance the use of Vertoro’s CSO™ as a potentially cost-effective supplement or alternative to glycerin in Quadrise’s bioMSAR™ fuel.
Quadrise has successfully produced stable lab-scale CSO™-based bioMSAR™ emulsion blends at the Quadrise research facility, with diesel engine testing currently being jointly planned over the next 12 months.
Jason Miles, CEO of QFI, said: “Quadrise is delighted to have signed this agreement with Vertoro, after working with their team for over a year.
“Lignin-based fuels are potentially the most cost-competitive net-zero biofuel solutions and this joint collaboration fits well with our plans to commercialize bioMSAR™ with MSC Shipmanagement and others, as well as to make advancing our net zero bioMSAR™ delivery program by 2030 .
“Vertroro’s CSO™ combined with Quadrise’s bioMSAR™ technology offers a compelling solution to the maritime sector to accelerate decarbonization and emissions reduction efforts in a cost-effective and safe manner.”
Michael Boot, co-founder and CEO of Vertoro, added, “Sugar has been Mother Nature’s fuel of choice for over 3 billion years. Today, we are announcing a unique way to use our raw sugar oil, produced from 2G sustainable forest and agricultural biomass. residues, as a relay for biofuels based on heavy fuel oil thanks to this new partnership with Quadrise. »

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