Measures to stimulate domestic tourism, according to the minister

In order to help the tourism sector affected by the pandemic, the tourism department plans to stimulate domestic tourism with a focus on increasing the number of local destinations.

At least one tourist destination will be identified in each panchayat for this purpose, PA Tourism Minister Mohamed Riyas said. He said meetings were being held with the secretaries of the District Tourism Promotion Council and the presidents of the panchayat.

“The idea of ​​a tourist spot is not limited to beautiful places. These can be places of historical significance or places with a certain local culture. Such locally oriented tourism can also help the rural economy at this time. We have completed the meetings with the presidents of the panchayats in the Wayanad district. All have submitted a list of possible locations in their region, ”said Mr. Riyas.

The minister said the state’s tourism sector suffered huge losses to the tune of 34,000 crore due to the pandemic. The sector also recorded the maximum number of job losses. A decision to reopen tourist centers would be made as soon as the second wave of COVID-19 subsides. You couldn’t expect an influx of foreign tourists anytime soon in the current scenario. In 2019, no less than 11.89 foreign tourists visited the state. The government aimed to increase that number to 25 lakh of tourists by 2025. The department would seek to attract more tourists from places where fewer people are currently coming from, he said.

He said 24-hour tourism facilitation centers would be set up at all airports. Host families would be encouraged and Kudumbashree would be involved in tourism related activities.

Mr Riyas rejected the Karnataka government’s claim that Kerala was considering renaming 11 villages in Kasaragod district. He said those who published the news themselves should check to see if such a false narrative is being pushed now in an effort to create community polarization in these areas. The alleged letter in his name in this regard could be a forgery, he said.

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