Lessons Learned for Saving Money During Lockdown

Last year, more than 4.4 million Australians claimed a homework deduction upon their return, up from 3.1 million the year before.

Finally, switch to a cheaper electricity supplier if you haven’t done so for over a year. Plans available now are up to $ 200 cheaper per year than they were in 2019.

Refuel (but do it smart)

Buying wholesale is a good idea, but there are smart ways and silly ways to do it.

The stupid way is to go to your local Woolworths, Coles, or Aldi and fill your cart with toilet paper and pasta.

The smart way includes using the internet to get goods and services delivered to your doorstep.

Many of us have become aficionados of online shopping in the past 18 months.

Woolworths and Coles have online grocery and delivery services or you can purchase an annual Costco membership ($ 70) and have your food purchases delivered in bulk. There is also a range of subscriptions that now offer free grocery delivery, including the Amazon Prime Marketplace.

Food apps like Uber Pass and Deliveroo Plus can meet any food or take out needs.

My biggest reveal is Google Shopping, where you plug in what you’re trying to buy and it shows you a summary of who has it and for how much.

There is also a new generation of cashback websites like Shopback and Cashrewards which are used by tens of thousands of people. There you can get some money back on your purchases.

Save on travel and transportation costs

Some bills go up during the lockdown, but travel and transportation drop dramatically for most households.

Not being able to go on vacation for most of 2020 meant a small pile of discretionary spending racked up in many budgets that could be saved, used to pay off debt, or spent elsewhere.

If you drive much less because of travel or work-from-home restrictions, let your auto insurer know. That should mean a lower premium, so ask.

Life in lockdown is tough, but you might as well use some of your forced free time to cash in some extra cash. And, most importantly, keep exercising, keep monitoring (digitally) your friends and family, and stay safe.

Sydney and Melbourne, you have that.

Joel Gibson is the author of KILL BILS. Watch her money-saving segments on Nine Radio, TODAY and on Twitter @joelgibson.

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