Lagos Government Partners with Company to Market State’s Tourism and Art Asset

By Taiye Olayemi

The Lagos State Government has partnered with Euro Vision Ventures to market and project the state’s artistic products and tourism potential worldwide.

Mr. Dozie Atueyi, Program Manager, Euro Vision Ventures revealed this during a press conference in Lagos on Friday.

Atueyi said the partnership will ensure proper harnessing of the potential of Lagos music, arts, dance, crafts, culture and tourism to be projected to the world.

He said that in the process of carrying out this project, the state’s tourism and cultural potential will be transported for exhibitions in cities like Toronto, Istanbul and London.

He noted that the exhibition which would be labeled as “Lagos Arts and Tourism Expo”, would go a long way in attracting tourists to the country as well as increasing Nigeria’s foreign exchange earnings.

“We want to project Nigeria, more specifically Lagos to the world, we want to reverse the trend of people going abroad, but there are a lot of opportunities here.

“We will project Lagos’ aquatic offerings, tourism potential, cultural assets, adire fabrics, works of art and all kinds of handicrafts.

“It is to make Lagos the preferred destination for tourism, leisure and business.

“These tourism, cultural potential, arts and crafts will be exhibited in Istanbul from October 5-9, London from November 16-20 and Toronto from December 14-18,” he said.

Atueyi appreciated the state government for the support he has received so far.

He also commended Seamless Travels, Nigerian Breweries and CIT Micro Finance for their support.

Furthermore, Mr. Ayoola Sadare, Founder of Lagos International Jazz Festival, one of the partners in the project, said that the authentic music of the city of Lagos will be projected through Fuji, Jazz and Afrobeats.

According to him, the project is not a plan to relocate Nigerians to travel abroad but an opportunity for the products of their creativity to be exported for patronage purposes.

He said the expo would create viable marketing platforms for Nigerian music, arts, tourism and culture.

Mr. Todin Olukuade, Creative Director of FC Accessories which specializes in turning storytelling of cities into works of art, said that he will convey the stories of Lagos in some works of art which will be exhibited as accessories .

Olukuade said these accessories will come in the form of household materials and souvenirs.

Ms. Triumph Dominon, Sponsorship Consultant, expressed her love for the rich and diverse culture of Lagos State, urging Nigerians to take pride in their culture.

“I love Nigeria and especially Lagos State with enormous cultural richness, we should learn to appreciate each other.

“People used to say Lagos is crazy but New York is crazier, we have to learn to appreciate our Lagos, she said. (NAN) (

Edited by Folashade Adeniran

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