Fakenham and Wells bands provide update on Christmas lights events

06:48 September 7, 2022

Plans are in place to ensure the Christmas lights continue to illuminate our downtowns this festive season.

Festive lights officials in Fakenham and Wells said plans were in place to light up towns in 2022, despite fears that soaring energy bills could leave towns in the dark.

The Fakenham Area Partnership organizes the screening in the market town, while the festivities on the coast are organized by the Wells Christmas Tide.

Mel Catton is on the committee in Wells and he said discussions have taken place around rising energy costs.

Mr Catton said ‘fortunately’ most of the electricity supply is sponsored – but the committee has pledged to donate to help those giving them electricity if the bills are too expensive.

“Plans are underway and we have done most of the preparatory work, we have had discussions with those who supply our electricity and at this stage they are still comfortable doing so, Mr Catton said.

Christmas lights were switched on in Wells as part of the town’s annual Christmas Tide Festival. Photo: Vanguard Pictures/Paul Haylock
– Credit: Archant

“Over the years, we’ve gradually set aside some of the money raised for rainy days, like with those energy bills.

“We have confidence in the plans in place.

“We don’t see anything needing to be canceled or postponed due to an increase in electricity right now, which is nice because we’re all looking forward to it.”

Christmas lights were switched on in Wells as part of the town's annual Christmas Tide Festival.

Christmas lights were switched on in Wells as part of the town’s annual Christmas Tide Festival. Photo: Tracy Kerr
– Credit: Archant

In a joint statement, Janet Holdom of Fakenham Area Partnership and Angela Glynn of Fakenham Borough Council said they would review the time the lights are on.

“The Christmas Lights have been run by Fakenham Area Partnership for the past 15 years, raising funds during this time for the complete replacement of old stock filaments with energy efficient LED bulbs,” they wrote. they stated.

“Fakenham Borough Council has covered the annual costs of installing the Christmas lights through its Market Pay Grants.

Fakenham Mayoress Angela Glynn (left) with First Focus Director Clarissa Belson (centre) and Deputy Mayor Janet Holdom

Janet Holdom (right) from the Fakenham Area Partnership and Angela Glynn (left) from Fakenham Borough Council with Clarissa Belson, director of the charity Fakenham First Focus
– Credit: Aaron McMillan

“While the power consumption of the illuminated display is relatively modest, there will be a discussion between the council and the regional partnership regarding a reduction in ‘on’ periods to manage this power consumption responsibly.

“The lights bring much-needed joy to the city during the holiday season and we really hope to continue this year, albeit with some program limitations.”

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