European countries ‘ask for reassurance’ on UK Covid cases and plans amid fears of travel bans after mid-term

Several countries are seeking reassurance from the UK of its skyrocketing Covid infection rate and plan to contain it, a travel expert said after Morocco imposed a ban on British tourists ahead of the mid-holiday. journey.

Popular holiday hotspots in Europe have much lower rates of Covid cases than in the UK, sparking fears among holidaymakers that countries like Spain and France may follow in Morocco’s footsteps.

Paul Charles, managing director of travel consulting firm PC Agency, said I that there are “several private conversations” between countries about Covid rates in the UK, but has not disclosed which countries are involved in these talks.

“I don’t think the countries will follow Morocco immediately, especially since they want to protect their tourism revenues halfway,” he said.

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“But many are starting to seek assurances on UK Covid rates and the strategy to contain them.

“As Morocco has shown, other countries can put in place their own restrictions if they are worried about the UK rate hike.”

Mr Charles said it was “good news” for vacationers that other countries are “not rushing” to follow Morocco’s position.

The seven-day average of the number of daily Covid cases in the UK was around 680 per million of its population on Thursday, while in Morocco the figure is eight.

Morocco is the first destination to ban flights from the UK (Photo: Shereen Talaat / Reuters)

The corresponding rate in Spain is just under 40 cases per million, while in Italy it is 47 and in France 73.

Cyprus and Greece register much higher rates, at 161 and 280 respectively. Greek Tourism Minister at the time, Harry Theoharis, said in July that the Greeks were “very, very happy” that the British were returning, despite an increase in infections after the borders reopened.

Spain’s tourist office said it is monitoring the situation but the same restrictions apply as those applied in June, which require travelers to show proof of vaccination, a recent negative PCR test or a cure from Covid- 19 in the past six months.

A spokesperson for the Cyprus Health Ministry said I that “there are no discussions” of a travel ban for UK tourists.

A spokesperson for the Malta Tourist Board, which on Thursday reported 17 new cases of coronavirus compared to more than 52,000 in the UK, said I that there was “nothing to indicate” a travel ban, adding: “Malta has one of the highest vaccination rates in Europe”.

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