Columbia Missouri Trail Association Recognized for Organized Trail Work and Volunteer Events

The Columbia Missouri Trail Association is a nonprofit company dedicated to creating and maintaining sustainable natural surface trails in the central Missouri region.

Mark Twain National Forest Assistant Forestry Supervisor Tony Crump presented an award to members of the Columbia Missouri Trail Association at a ceremony on July 14.

The award recognized the group for their excellent public service through organized trail work and volunteer events.

The ceremony took place at the office of National Forestry Supervisor Mark Twain in Rolla and in attendance were Nate Smith and Andy Schuette, representing the Columbia Missouri Trail Association, and Jane Mobley and Trey Hall, representing the United States Forest Service.

The Cedar Creek Forest Unit benefited greatly from the group’s presence, as they paid much needed attention to convenient public land hiking opportunities for users in the Jefferson City and Columbia area.

“With the help of the Columbia Missouri Trail Association, we were able to update road signs and repair entire trails much faster than normal thanks to their scouting and planning efforts,” the officers said. District Recreation, Tray Hall.

The Columbia Missouri Trail Association began working with the forest in 2020 and has impressed the Forest Service recreation staff.

Last year they cleaned up Moon Loop and in and around Pine Ridge Campground.

They also cleared branches and trees from the trails and fixed erosion issues on some of the Smith Creek loops and parts of the Cedar Creek Trail near Devil’s Backbone.

Since 2020, they have cleared trails of downed trees and provided updates on the condition of course allocation gates that have broken down over the years.

Their success is also due to the group’s working relationship with neighboring volunteer groups like the Heartland Chapter of the Backcountry Horsemen of Missouri. They work together to form a coalition of volunteers and connect new interested citizens to well-planned projects.

This collaboration helps them achieve their goal of giving mountain bikers and outdoor enthusiasts more opportunities to lead healthy, active lives.

Helping volunteer groups like this helps the forest stay informed about trail use patterns and conditions on the ground.

District Recreation Manager Hall said, “The Columbia Missouri Trail Association has provided excellent quality work on the entire trail system, managing it all, and I’m glad we have the opportunity to honor them for this work. “

From left to right.  Tray Hall, Andy Schuette, Tony Crump, Nate Smith and Jane Mobley.

Residents join the Columbia Missouri Trail Association by visiting their website at, or by following them at

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